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IHM Reunion and Air Brushed Memories

Reunions are the perfect opportunity to re-live those memories; the shards of longing that take on new meaning, a fuller picture is built with the bricks of collective recollection. On such days, when friends get together, the sun goes a shade of nostalgic pink. A familiar face evokes the frantic spring-cleaning of memory for a forgotten name, the quiver of the heart as it takes in the shock of recognition.

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Mohan Chettan

The 360º Project | Mohan Chettan and Nimbu Paani at 22º

There is no tale, about IHM Kovalam, that can be completed without the ubiquitous Mohan Chettan’s mention. He is a part of our active memory, an ageless edifice, with whom some of the most important events of the Institute are connected.

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