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Kanakakkunnu Palace

The 360º Project | A Brick Red Palace & Lolling Drunks at 26º

The drunks, long haired and in heavy metal band t-shirts, had apparently mistimed their alcohol intake and were currently in show-mode few hours ahead of the music event in the evening. The policeman obviously was not in the mood to accommodate their inebriated views and their presence which was developing into a nuisance for passersby in a public area.

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The Last Song of Savio De Souza

The Last Song of Savio De Souza by Binoo K.John : An Interview

Masquerading as Puram in the novel, Thiruvananthapuram seeps into the lives of each character, becoming part of their struggle to escape the confines of a sweltering city, bound by its own conservative stereotypes and intrinsic duplicity, while the winds of global change challenges its age-old insularity.

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