Bliss was in that dawn to be alive – 11

Bliss was in that dawn to be alive 11I realise I have not been here in a long time.

I hardly see much page hits here but when I started writing that was barely my thought. Most of all, more than anything else, it’s the Bliss series which I have enjoyed writing here. They say when it comes from the heart, it always makes for interesting reading.

There is not a highpoint more talked about, discussed and dissected at IHM than the campus interviews. For many, as I found out myself, it was the culmination of 3 years of hard-labor that included ‘black’ books that posed as journals, chef coats that posed as aprons over time and bread rolls that posed on trays in various shades of black.

Campus interviews are like falling in love. No matter what anyone tells you, you got to find out for yourself. You believe in legends, you believe in stereotypes and, because of that, you are done for. Question was how original you could be. How differently ignorant you could be from the stupid yoyo who went into the interview room before you. That Pradikat was a German wine classification system and certainly not the neighbour’s cat that suddenly developed a case of foretelling the future. And if your stupidity believed in a cat, you had to make a feline case for it and convince the board.

Now certainly, IHM is never the place where you go to develop your IQ or, for that matter, a semblance of intelligence. It was, now the truth dawns on me, where you could take one ounce of stupidity and convert that into a pound of attitude. The idea of IHM was never academics – if you ever made the mistake of performing in academics, you would get a knocker of a nirvana in the industry which neither required your IQ nor your ‘well’ of facts. It was always about common sense. In fact, creativity is an off-shoot of common sense.

I was never the performer and I was not the only one. As an IHM teacher told me recently, the students who went on to do well in their careers were not the ones who were academically brilliant. The not so promising ones, duds at academics, proved it otherwise over 20 years of the teacher’s career. In my campus interview, I was never asked a question on anything I learned in campus. I was asked about Glasnost, poetry, haircut, my scanty resume and my fixation on HR training as my first career choice. I persisted and also ignored the conventions and advices to be more rational. I hardly cared. But then, fate is not without a sense of irony. I got selected for exactly what I wanted – to be a trainer. I bucked the trend and so can everybody.

I do not want to dampen the spirits of those who scored full marks mindlessly mugging up the wine regions of France. It’s good to know your wines as I later found out but you would do well to understand what you learn than store it up for a future exam. Whether you like it or not, you will change drastically as a person over 3 years of IHM and, it will serve you well, if that change reflected in the area of your attitude and not your marks.

And if I was a campus interviewer, I would place a premium on attitude. Rest everything can be trained up or so I believe. But then, this is not an ideal world, is it?

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