A Bachelor boy

A Bachelor Boy

The world is so full of two kinds of people – them who are single and desperately want to get married and then, those who are married and tell the first kind that it’s something you could do without. The thought is baffling and sets you thinking quite vigorously. What happens in between these two important stages of life – being single and being married – is perhaps a story of the upheaval of mindsets, a tale of a metamorphosis completely oblivious to valid reasoning.
When you are single and convincing yourself that life is about aloneness according to the wisdom crap you get to hear these days, you are never free from the distinctive feeling that the world has hatched a conspiracy hell-bent on making you feel that your presence is a forbidding one amongst the married hoi-polloi. You feel peculiarly different (of course, you are supposed to be but that’s reasoning for another time) and instead of feeling wonderfully sublime, you are feeling like one suddenly caught in the metro rush hour without his/her clothes on. All you hope for, foolishly, is that nobody notices you.
And, just when they sense that you have decided to shift your allegiances to the married camp, very carefully, they look around, make sure their spouse is not around and give you this patronizing speech with a crinkle in their eyebrows – Well, you sure about it (translated “You must be crazy”)? You should think twice about it (did you?). I am not discouraging you (Oh! yeah?) but it’s just that it’s helluva pressure, buddy. You really don’t know about the good time you are having, the freedom you have, answerable to no one in particular (then why am I made to feel so pathetic about it?). No man, think twice – I am not so sure about this. Let me be frank (thank you. you just made my day!).
I think I have the answer. The key is to live like you are married when you are single and like single when you are married.
How to do that is best kept for another day. Another time.

As to marriage or celibacy, let a man take which course he will, he will be sure to repent.

Here is Cliff Richard’s perspective.


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