The Tea Master

teaHow much time
does it take for love to find someone else,
first it’s the steam, then the heat,
they slip through your fingers
and what remains is the memory of a teabag.

When its stale, cold and incapable of vigour,
you seek to breathe life into it,
give it some heat, add a bit of memory loss,
but it’s never as good as freshly-brewed,
hell your day doesn’t fly as it used to.

This roil that besets hearts and minds,
there is a whole science to this art,
most of it is memory, and the belief that
peering too long into your cup might
yield the evading answers.

They may think you are insane,
to decode patterns in forlorn tea-flakes,
there is only you, only you now,
alone at the table, staring at
the knowledge that things aren’t the same.

How much time
does it take for love to find someone else?
Based on a centimeter of sediment,
we search the world, flying upside down,
to seek the heat that’s long gone.

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