Right to Rape

busCome take a seat in this bus.
If you are a voyeur, there is choice meat here.
You don’t have to stop at that.
Let your blood rush a bit faster. Your hand will turn into a paw.
If the driver is your friend, he is an ally to your bidding.
He will shift gears; he will know the rush in your eyes.
This is a tailor-made trip.

When the seats begin to empty, he will choose the place.
When the girl wakes, it will be a different world.
This is the bus to hell.

They always kept you away from the buffet.
Not anymore.
What’s not lawfully yours is yours to steal.
It is a democracy, fight for your right, your hunger.

The paw can grow claws, if you like it.
Look at the eyes around, they will convince you.
The driver is blinded, he only sees the alleys of dark.
This is the night of your dreams. Watch the girl.
The pearl in the ear, the sinuous air, the hint of terror.
Watch. Hear. Take it in.

Time stands still. Then it will falter.
Extraordinary you, lord of terror, go mangle time.
Let your ache out. Don’t stop.
The meat is yours. It’s a buffet. Nobody will know.
It’s just testosterone; that’s what you will make them think.
That’s your excuse. It’s easy to learn, as easy as doing it.

Tomorrow the memory will flounder, just wash it away.
Come. Take a seat in the bus.
It’s about the right to rape.

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