Language We Speak

the practical joke of divide,
that poses as language.

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Just listen,
remember how it hums.

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Dragon Head

The 360º Project | Voyage of the Chinese Junk at 32º

My friend’s wife picks up curios by the dozens when she is traveling, and every time I visit their home, there are new ones that grab my attention. This time, it was a Chinese Dragon junk on their coffee-table.

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Bad Poetry

When you see a poem all bruised and beat-up,
know that someone has died.

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The 360º Project | Children and Forgotten Toys at 31º

You can’t keep kids out from anywhere, especially if they have been told what’s out-of-bounds. Children are curious.

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Good Morning

Read me.
There is a bird in these lines.

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Gate on the Gudalur-Mudumalai Road

The 360º Project | Wicket Gates and Wild Flowers at 30º

The journey itself, transitory as it is, is a sensory train. You keep flitting ahead, your shadow skiing the sides, and the mind is a little child in the toy-section of a supermarket. There is nothing greater or relevant than the world you find yourself in.

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