The 360º Project | Wicket Gates and Wild Flowers at 30º

Gate on the Gudalur-Mudumalai Road

Gate on the Gudalur-Mudumalai Road | Pic Credits & Rights: Soni Somarajan

The good thing about journeys along roads not taken before is that you get overwhelmed by the sights and sounds along the way. You notice everything; things take on an unblemished clarity and become mental souvenirs that glow through the years in remembrance.

The journey itself, transitory as it is, is a sensory train. You keep flitting ahead, your shadow skiing the sides, and the mind is a little child in the toy-section of a supermarket. There is nothing greater or relevant than the world you find yourself in.

Somewhere, on the Gudalur – Mudumalai road, we stopped for a few minutes. The hills in the distance were a hazy blue, the air redolent with the fragrance of wild flowers and down below, the countryside reveled in the free-play of Nature. In that natural disorder, I saw this colourful wicket gate making a statement of its own.

Who are we to build gates, colorful or not, in the natural course of things?

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