The 360º Project | Pylon Calligraphy and Sunny Spikelets at 28º

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold | Pic Credits and Rights : Soni Somarajan

Somewhere on the highway stretch between Trissur and Kozhikode, as our 4X4 glided along the inky line of tar, we saw a spectacular sunset.

We stopped and the lens-caps were off immediately; the green paddies now a field of gold as the sun skimmed the horizon.

The electric pylons loomed in the distance – the thin calligraphy of metal on the sea of orange raining down in the background.

As the January sun ebbed away, the last light was caught for posterity in the spikelets growing in profusion on the embankment bordering the paddies.

Sometimes, in the pursuit of greater beauty, we lose out on what stares us in the face.

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