The 360º Project | Wheel of Fortune and the turbulence of winter at 2º

The Liz Dean deck of Tarot Cards has been in my possession for about 7 years now and, as is the rule with decks, it was gifted to me by a friend who knew of my curiosity in the art. You are NOT to buy or acquire one directly, according to the lore, and I considered this gift an appropriate omen at the time. It is another thing, after all these years, that I still have not familiarised myself deeply with the art and become the consummate ‘crystal gazer’, as they say. However, the few times I consulted the cards, I also realised that I had an uncanny talent for it, with some spot-on readings for my friends and relatives.

For the past two years, turbulent as they were for personal reasons, a major arcana card had been missing from my deck. I forgot about it and, yesterday, while going through an old cardboard box in the storage, I found it again at the bottom. That’s the card in the photo and, if you look carefully, you will see the lower portion of the card is slightly skewed because of the stuff that was piled on it. I really don’t know to this day how the card came to be in there. The card is called ‘The Wheel of Fortune’.

‘The Wheel of Fortune’ denotes crossroads in one’s life and, when I look back, the last two years have just been that. But more than that, the time as in right now is definitely similar to a crossroads, a potential life-changer. Filled with self-doubts, I have been losing faith with the world. I know life has to go on and it does invariably, but sometimes, it means a lot to hear the birds chirp in after a long winter. I have chosen the path that revolves around a ‘spirit’ of unbowed and persistent excellence. And I only hope the path I have chosen is the right one at this crossroads.

More than all that, as this card means, to quote from a recent conversation with a friend – then, we are just mortals, left to our devices, as we rockers say.

My SSKZM classmate and friend, Byju Sukumaran, now based in the US, has sent across a link of pictures taken during a family trek last week (04-06 Feb 2011).


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