The 360º Project | Tiger Prawns & Eyeball Space at 25º

Fish Stall

Fish Stall in Thottapally, Alleppey | Pic Credits & Rights: Soni Somarajan

Couple of weekends back, on a car journey from Cochin, I found these makeshift stalls by the roadside in the Thottapally stretch. Thirty minutes south of Alleppey, the backwater country, these vendors had set shop every 50 metres, mostly selling fish and tiger prawns.

The idea is to layout the stuff on an improvised cane plate and hold it out on an outstretched arm right into the vision of the oncoming car. Their clients had to be the well-off travelling in their own cars, or so I assume. At least the prices were fancy, out of the world. I had to ask the price in order to have a semblance of conversation so that I could take a picture.

The moment they realised I was up to no good, their expectant smiles turned to smirks and soon rat-a-tat rejoinders came my way to clear the scene. Apparently, my car was hogging the eyeball space of their fish stall.

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