The 360º Project | The Beach Promenade and the Disco Music at 3º

This beach is at Shanghumugham, outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram City where I live.

Though my city is reputed for the world famous Kovalam Beach a few miles away, Shanghumugham beach is preferred by the local families for a weekend evening out.

A weekend routine for a typical family would usually be about time spent at the beach (ice-cream for the children from the million stalls, tea and snacks for the adults from the nearby Indian Coffee House with its liveried waiters), then on to the city for a evening movie followed by dinner at one of the myriad restaurants in the area.

There are granite seating blocks, along the promenade, facing the sea. I prefer to settle there to watch the sun set, while the evening grows on you, and the beach crowd gets silhouetted in an ocean of orange. The blue uniformed life-guard sits under his beach umbrella watching the antics of the adventurous amongst the people, dreading the moment when it might turn into an act of stupidity. The crows settle on the nearby fishing boats frantically alert for the titbits thrown around by the children.

As the sun makes its exit, the breeze picks up and I am lost in a reverie. It’s time to leave when the crowds begin to thin, the cars honk their way out and their reverse-gear disco music erupts.

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