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Advent of monsoon at Shanghumughom Beach | Pic credit and rights: Manoj Vasudevan

In Kerala, just as it has done for numerous millennia, the element of water has unfailingly played the prima donna in an annual ballet cued by nature.

The fascinating monsoon, commonly called Edavapathi (Edavam as in the Malayalam month and Pathi meaning half and hence the rain that arrives in the middle of Edavam) arrived two days early this year.

This picture, taken at Shanghumughom Beach, shows the dark clouds priming up as the powerful gusts of wind from the Arabian Sea pull them into the coasts of Kerala. The sun fights a losing battle as it gets hemmed in, the character of light shifts to a shade of grey, and the blistering sun gets nudged into one’s memory for hibernation until next summer.

The heat is over. And now, it’s time to listen to the conversation of rain.

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