The 360º Project | Happy Banana Leaves at 1º

Happy Banana Leaves

The banana tree is a favorite, for it is such a splash of happy green.

In the thick of writing, the TV drones on in the periphery of my vision,unheeded. When I write, I usually have the TV on in the background, mostly BBC or the TLC. I do come up for air once in a while and have to admit that some of the best ideas come out of the blue from the conversations I hear on the screen. Else, I look out of the window, in front of me, to observe the greens of the banana and coconut trees (yes, as in the photograph above).

The banana tree is a favourite, for it is such a splash of happy green. Last month, it had a huge cluster of bananas, neat whorls of it, culminating in the Yahoo-logo coloured flower that’s shaped like a mortar shell. I did nurse the thought of taking a picture and, by the time I decided to, the neighbour to whom it belongs had neatly dispatched it for further processing of a human kind.

My cook/caretaker looks forward to it for a different purpose. I love fish, especially when steamed whole. Sheath the fish ( I prefer fresh mackerel ) with salt, freshly ground pepper and this green mysterious chutney 😉 and then, wrap it up in a section of banana leaf to be steamed in a pressure cooker. Weekend lunches are therefore something I look forward to.

It is very important though that the banana leaf section should be surreptitiously removed from the tree when the neighbour isn’t looking.

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