The 360º Project | A Brick Red Palace & Lolling Drunks at 26º

Kanakakkunnu Palace

Kanakakkunnu Palace, Thiruvananthapuram | Pic Credits and Rights: Soni Somarajan

Those who have been there will definitely agree about the instance of awe when you walk up the hillock and see the brick-red architecture of Kanakakkunnu Palace gently come into view under a glowing October sun and cobalt sky.  I was at the Palace attending a lit fest couple of weeks back, making use of the opportunity to test out a newly-acquired camera.

While framing this picture, it also was a moment of chuckle for me. Under the tree whose branches climb into the top-right frame, a couple of lolling drunks were engaged in an argument with a policeman. These hammered chaps, long-haired and in heavy metal band t-shirts, had apparently mistimed their alcohol intake and were currently in show-mode, unfortunately a few hours ahead of the music event in the evening. The policeman obviously was not in the mood to accommodate their inebriated views and their presence which was developing into a nuisance for passersby in a public area.

The argument no doubt had a huge entertainment value and I still can’t help laughing about it as I write. The whole episode had a happy ending when an extra posse of policemen from the Museum station arrived on the scene after their distraught colleague radioed in for assistance. The rock fans were still arguing as the jeep left with them.

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