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The Young Bride – Part III

There was something about this woman he had wed, he could not decipher the transcendence she cast on him, and he felt himself drawn inexorably to her. If this was love, then he had been wrong all his life. It was unlike anything he had imagined love to be; based on what men knew and in itself, a concoction of theories with an inbuilt timer, something that blows up all ideas you hold as pertinent until then.

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IHM Reunion and Air Brushed Memories

Reunions are the perfect opportunity to re-live those memories; the shards of longing that take on new meaning, a fuller picture is built with the bricks of collective recollection. On such days, when friends get together, the sun goes a shade of nostalgic pink. A familiar face evokes the frantic spring-cleaning of memory for a forgotten name, the quiver of the heart as it takes in the shock of recognition.

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She works at one of those big, grey publishing houses nestled in the swank New Cantonment. Sometimes, she would rush out during the break to walk with me in the deserted park nearby, sandwich carefully wrapped in a paper napkin.

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Online Conversations

When I first met her online, we had talked for an hour without noticing it and it was only when she mentioned that she had to go out to pick up her daughter from school, that I realized she was married.

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The Young Bride – Part II

When Velappan entered their bedroom that night, Karthi was sitting in one corner of the bed and when she looked up as he entered, he knew she had been crying silently. He went and sat near her, took her hand in his and asked her what the matter was. Karthi was silent for a while and then turned and asked him imploringly,

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The Young Bride

When Karthi, my grandmother, first set foot into the village, she had just turned all of nineteen years. She and her orphaned sisters – Malu and Ambika, both younger to her in that order, had lived in Ezhukone with their uncle.

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Valentine Blues

“Err… well…” I am still searching her face and I can see her eyebrows pucker up. “I will try to be a better husband.” I split each word as I say it and, as I feel the first signs of embarrassment creep into me, I see her face raise itself, chin up, and beginning to crumble into a meaningful grin.

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