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A blood-red envelope lands on my desk along with the day’s mail. THE blood-red envelope. The same type of envelope, made of rough handmade paper. Just like it was years ago. You might remember me writing about it last year.

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Puthupally Images : Adhwani Arts & Sports Club – 1

Somehow, the iconic poster of Che Guevara presented to me then by my cousin, the face collage in red and black with a beret sporting a solitary star, instilled in me a sense of importance though I had no idea what it was based on.

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The Mystery of the Red Envelope

I was not expecting the letter. The envelope was made of blood-red recycled paper, and my name was scrawled in capitals with a black sketch-pen. No stamp, no postmark. Somebody had just walked up and placed the envelope there.

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SONISOMARAJAN.COM : On Completing A Year

This is something I had to learn in order to survive as a writer. The moment I learnt to let go and accept the freedom of the reader, I was free of that blinding trap that beguiles beginners. Most of us drown ourselves in the noise that emanates and willfully begin to write with pre-conceived notions that, sooner or later, take on a voice different from our own.

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Tapioca Mash

So Many Fish in the Sea

Ask any Malayali, anywhere in the world, about food back home, and they will consistently come up first with kappa-meen curry on their list of favorites. This yellow mash of boiled starchy tuber, with its understated flavor accompanied by spicy, red, gambooge-flavored fishy curry scores high on the nostalgia list for any marunadan Malayali.

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Puthupally Images : The Tryst of the Goddesses

Every time, the Devi’s procession crossed the vicinity of another Devi Temple – there were about 3-4 temples in the area of Puthupally – she would stop to visit her sister. Now this is seriously the realm of the spiritual as we know, and the sisters were allowed to have a conversation, and while this happened in the spaces beyond human access, the oracle’s dance reached a crescendo, the poor man becoming God for that instant and letting everyone know of the divine wish of the deity.

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Puthupally Images : Genesis

Puthupally Images : Genesis

It is almost as if you have just stretched through the veil of time and set off a trigger that works on the premise of remembrance – of a smile, a smirk, the toss of the head or some quirk that you have stored away in memory as an associative remnant.

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