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Beach Football and Lonely Cafes

The 360º Project | Beach Football and Lonely Cafes at 4º

The CITU memorial did exist then, a tad brighter red in the early 90s, and during the lunch break, we would manage to fit our bums on the edges of the memorial and watch the sea with totally philosophical airs.

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The 360º Project | The Beach Promenade and the Disco Music at 3º

The blue uniformed life-guard sits under his beach umbrella watching the antics of the adventurous amongst the people, dreading the moment when it might turn into an act of stupidity.

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The 360º Project | Wheel of Fortune and the turbulence of winter at 2º

The Liz Dean deck of Tarot Cards has been in my possession for about 7 years now and, as is the rule with decks, it was gifted to me by a friend who knew of my curiosity in the art.

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Happy Banana Leaves

The 360º Project | Happy Banana Leaves at 1º

The banana tree is a favourite, for it is such a splash of happy green. Last month, it had a huge cluster of bananas, neat whorls of it, culminating in the Yahoo-logo coloured flower that’s shaped like a mortar shell.

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The 360 degrees Project

The 360º Project is Bio ‘graphical’

Everything you wanted to know about me – the intimate, the remarkable, the life-changing, the tangential, the pursuit and the mundane. Everything that I crave, love, want, lust and long for.

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