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Icons of England 2

The 360º Project | Icons of England in Cafe Coffee Day at 11º

A crowd, especially a younger one, is not exactly my idea of spacing out. I have avoided the place diligently. I am no CCD fan, this is my second visit in 4 years, and I go in skeptical.

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Houseboat in the Backwaters of Kerala

The 360º Project | Virgin Waterways, Lush Undergrowth and Books at 10º

Nobody would be mistaken if they were to suggest writing a book is so much similar to sailing out in a backwater. You could choose to boat through the familiar waterways, taking in the landscape very much seen before but not lacking in the aesthetic sense, meeting the old faces and fishing nets,

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Monsoon from my perch

The 360º Project | Rain, Pain and Dangling Conversations at 9º

I remember it was a greyish dawn; the room was a pale shadow, and our breathing assumed a curving hum. In some distant world which took shape as a tableau around us, we walked hand in hand, as rain sloshed down our backs and sunk into the wet grass.

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Vermeer's Milkmaid and the Celebration of Light

The 360º Project | A Woman, Vermeer and Celebration of Light at 8º

For sure, nothing materialized in terms of romance. But we did progress into an exchange of ideas that can be, at best, termed as sublime and surreal.

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The 360º Project | Thoughts of my Valentine at 7º

There is only so much of reality that we can bear. When it becomes overwhelming, we turn to what we love, for that world that lives beyond our mind’s edge.

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The Kowdiar Roundabout at Thiruvananthapuram

The 360º Project | Traffic Jams and Ancient Roundabouts at 6º

Thiruvananthapuram is life-size only when it comes to its tongue-twister name and when compared to its flamboyant cousin, Cochin in Central Kerala, it assumes the facade of a lazy city, still clutching on to its last 20th century moorings.

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The Temple Elephant and Missing Dhotis

The 360º Project | The Temple Elephant and Missing Dhotis at 5º

He could have easily been lugging lumber in some forest camp in the eastern interiors of Kerala. Or lithely carrying foreign tourists, with their sun-burnt legs stretched impossibly around his rocking spine, up the winding walkways of the imposing Amber Fort in Jaipur.

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