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Kanakakkunnu Palace

The 360º Project | A Brick Red Palace & Lolling Drunks at 26º

The drunks, long haired and in heavy metal band t-shirts, had apparently mistimed their alcohol intake and were currently in show-mode few hours ahead of the music event in the evening. The policeman obviously was not in the mood to accommodate their inebriated views and their presence which was developing into a nuisance for passersby in a public area.

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Fish Stall

The 360º Project | Tiger Prawns & Eyeball Space at 25º

The moment they realised I was up to no good, their expectant smiles turned to smirks and soon rat-a-tat rejoinders came my way to clear the scene. Apparently my car was hogging the eyeball space of their fish stall.

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VK Krishna Menon Auditorium, SSKZM

The 360º Project | A School Auditorium and Pigeon Shit at 23º

There is an urban legend that the Sainik School auditorium and the long corridors leading from it to the main block were modeled on the lines of a ship. Ship or no ship, the magnificence of the building lies in the first impression it makes on a cadet when he reports for admission in VI standard.

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Mohan Chettan

The 360º Project | Mohan Chettan and Nimbu Paani at 22º

There is no tale, about IHM Kovalam, that can be completed without the ubiquitous Mohan Chettan’s mention. He is a part of our active memory, an ageless edifice, with whom some of the most important events of the Institute are connected.

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The Kovalam Promontory

The 360º Project | Smelly Chef Coats and Counterculture at 21º

We sat there, as the gala of lights came on at dusk, the then Ashok Beach Resort, a Charles Correa creation built in the swinging 60s, at the height of the counter-culture.

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The 360º Project | Monsoon Conversations at 20º

In Kerala, just as it has done for numerous millennia, the element of water has unfailingly played the prima donna in an annual ballet cued by nature.

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The Kunnumpara Temple

The 360º Project | A Temple and Daiva Dasakam at 19º

Egged on by the flutter of leaves from the giant wizened trees that dot the compound, the steadiness of it being your constant companion, you are transported to a realm that inspires an inner conversation. This place is blessed.

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