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The 360º Project | The Cassia in a Hospital Window at 33º

There is a pervading romanticism to a flowering tree. All the more if your hospital window looks out to one.

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Dragon Head

The 360º Project | Voyage of the Chinese Junk at 32º

My friend’s wife picks up curios by the dozens when she is traveling, and every time I visit their home, there are new ones that grab my attention. This time, it was a Chinese Dragon junk on their coffee-table.

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The 360º Project | Children and Forgotten Toys at 31º

You can’t keep kids out from anywhere, especially if they have been told what’s out-of-bounds. Children are curious.

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Gate on the Gudalur-Mudumalai Road

The 360º Project | Wicket Gates and Wild Flowers at 30º

The journey itself, transitory as it is, is a sensory train. You keep flitting ahead, your shadow skiing the sides, and the mind is a little child in the toy-section of a supermarket. There is nothing greater or relevant than the world you find yourself in.

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Elephant Camp

The 360º Project | Sunset Wallpaper and Tuskers at 29º

When I turned around in the wheelie, ruing the missed opportunity, the sunset had become wallpaper. And, etched on the wallpaper was the unmistakable silhouette of man and beast, transfixed as night settled on the tree-tops.

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Fields of Gold

The 360º Project | Pylon Calligraphy and Sunny Spikelets at 28º

As the January sun ebbed away, the last light was caught for posterity in the spikelets growing in profusion on the embankment bordering the paddies.

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The 360º Project | Conversation about a Miniature Elephant at 27º

How does it feel when you are locked in metal, to a size many times smaller than what you actually are?

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