Soni SomarajanSoni Somarajan dissected angst while being a student at a military public school in the late 80’s and decided that the school library was where he could hide himself from the regimented curriculum. After a 3 year stint in a hotel school with many a  cooking disaster to boot, he later found pride as a tour consultant selling bespoke holidays to English clients looking for their place under the Indian sun. He believes that much of his writing skills were honed while perfecting his client-speak as a tour-consultant.

When not getting up to mornings that revolve around missed airport-transfers and lapsed hotel-room confirmation deadlines, he can be seen busy tapping away on his laptop at the beach shacks in Kovalam. Though quite difficult to gauge if it is the fresh calamari or the social dynamics of a cosmopolitan sun-bathing population – some lucid moments, not necessarily alcohol-inspired, have given birth to self-esteem enhancing verse and other writings.

Otherwise, when not lost in the picture-perfect dream world of writing, Soni lives in the very quaint, olde-worlde city (now also the City of Gold) of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India.

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